321H stainless steel bar

321H stainless steel is a kind of general steel with good corrosion resistance. 321H has the stable element of Ti.

Chemical composition:
Carbon (C) : 0.04 ~ 0.10.
Silicon (Si) : less than or equal to 0.75%.
Manganese (Mn) : no more than 2.00%.
Nickel (Ni) : 9 ~ 12
Chromium (Cr) : 17.0 ~ 19.0.
Titanium: 4 * (C + N) ~ 0.70.
321H stainless steel rods for building decoration, fuel furnace components, household appliances, electrical components. The 321H stainless steel is ni-cr-mo austenitic stainless steel, and its performance is very similar to that of 304. 430LX added Ti or Nb in 430 steel to reduce C content and improve the machinability and weldability.
321H stainless steel bars can be used for organic acids and inorganic acids of different concentrations and temperatures.