409L stainless steel sheet supplier in china

Stainless steel plate is one of our main products. In the case of all sizes of stainless steel plates, we should bring about 409L stainless steel plates.

409L is a widely used stainless steel in 400 series stainless steel. Its European class is EN1.4512, which is called X2CrTi12 in the Chinese market.
Since it is commonly used in automobile exhaust systems, 409L / 1.4512 titanium stable ferrite stainless steel is often referred to as "muffler grade stainless steel".
From Japan, South Korea, Russia and Mexico and other countries of many customers like to buy 409 l stainless steel plate, sheet, strip and coil, because these countries become the biggest country automobile and automobile consumption and production.
By adding titanium, 409L has very obvious stability and resistance to various impacts and environmental characteristics. As a result, car manufacturers may prefer to use 409L stainless steel plates as raw materials to produce cars and tailpipes.
We have signed a large contract with a regular customer in Japan and Australia, with an initial order of 250 tons to test their facilities, with a total of 100,000 tons. Now we are in the first order, we are confident with our advanced production technology and strict quality control attitude, plus nearly 20 years of stainless steel production, market and research.
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