430 stainless steel coil supply

 430 stainless steel coil Processing:

The 430 type shall be annealed at 1450-1550 and the furnace will be cooled to 1100 F and air cooled at the rate of 50 F/h. If the annealing temperature is not more than 1450 F (790 nm C), the air cooling can be used to replace the furnace cooling.
430 stainless steel coil Forming:
The 430 is easy to draw and form. Its tensile properties are similar to those of low carbon steel, although it is stronger in annealing and requires stronger molds and higher power.

430 stainless steel coil Welding:
The 430 is usually considered to be soldered through common fusion and resistance techniques. In order to avoid brittle weld fracture in manufacturing process, special consideration is required. AWS E/ER 308L and 430 are usually specified when the filler is needed. Corrosion: this alloy is resistant to corrosion in various corrosive media including nitric acid and many organic acids.
430 stainless steel coil Application:
Household appliances, metal mould, metal trim, cabinet hardware, hinge, etc.
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