stainless steel hexagon bar supplier

1.What is the stainless steel hexagon bar?
Stainless steel hexagonal rod is a kind of solid rod with six angles. It is widely used in ocean, chemical industry and architecture because of its characteristics.
2. Characteristics of stainless steel hexagon bar
1) high precision dimension (as high as +/-0.01mm); Specification: h2-h90mm;
2) good surface and brightness
3) it has strong corrosion resistance, tensile strength and high fatigue resistance;
4) stable chemical composition, pure steel, low impurity content
3. Common materials of stainless steel hexagon bar
1) performance of 316L stainless steel hexagon bar: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good welding performance
2) hexagon bar performance of 316 stainless steel: containing molybdenum and low carbon, its corrosion resistance is much better than 304 stainless steel in Marine and chemical environment.
3) 304L stainless steel hexagon bar: 304L stainless steel is a low carbon 304 stainless steel variety for welding.
4) properties of 304 stainless steel hexagonal bars: 304 is a universal stainless steel material, and its rust resistance is better than 200 series stainless steel. High temperature resistance is also good, up to 1000~1200 degrees.
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